Since its establishment up to now, Thong Quan Co., Ltd. has been picking many ingredients in the fields of transportation, freight forwarding, Hai Quan service declaration and import and export consulting; Become a reliable partner of domestic and foreign businesses in foreign trade and international freight forwarding. In addition to the above services, we expand and develop the following:

  1. Warehouse rental services, blinds: Logistisc Thong Quan and is meeting the storage needs of customers. Goods are protected for safety, fire protection, customers can be completely assured when sending goods at Customs warehouse.

Types For Our Zone Include;

  • Warehouse for rent by area m2
  • Warehouse for rent by m3, by volume of goods and by day
  • Lease each frame separately for customer to manage

The warehouse system is permanently built, suitable for each item, fully meeting the standards of safety, fire prevention, and security environment.

Security cameras and professional security services free for customers 24/24
On-site operations services such as: Loading and unloading, forklifts, cranes, delivery staff are always on duty at the warehouse to ensure to meet the needs of customers.
Manage goods according to 4.0 technology: Your goods are tracked on professional software, each customer will have a management code and access to check the goods at any time of the day.
Coming to Customs, your goods will always be safe, guaranteed for the quality of service as committed.

     2. In addition to warehouse rental services we also provide professional services such as:

  • Loading and unloading goods in and out of the warehouse.
  • Packed according to standards of each type of goods.
  • Commodity Management & Inventory Report.


  1. - Specialize in receiving warehouse for rent, cleaning, packing machinery, factory.
  2. - Packing machinery and equipment as required by workers, forklifts, cranes ...

The basic processes using the service of loading and unloading, transporting according to customer requirements:
B1: Receive goods information including name, size, weight, quantity of goods,
unloading location and working time from customers (Via Mail, Zalo, SMS, web ...)
B2: Plan a site survey with large, heavy-weight, difficult-to-unload goods ...
B3: Based on the survey, analysis of quotes and sending quotes by mail of customers
B4: Closing quotation with customers and identifying exact working time based on delivery progress

B6: Do the work
B7: Invoice the customer.

Professional working process
1.Receive information

Receive information from customers, advise the most suitable service package, exchange appointment time and location for Thanh Phat staff to survey
2. Surveillance
Surveying directly at the location: From containers, trucks… to warehouses, shops .. and vice versa. Offering the safest transportation option for your peace of mind.
Quoting in detail the cost of loading and unloading, depending on the volume of goods and the shipping route, we will give the most suitable and economical cost for you.
4. Sign a contract
After the two parties agree on the transportation plan, cost and contractual agreements, the two parties will sign a loading and unloading contract.
5. Execution
Our loading and unloading team will be present at the agreed location and then proceed to pick up and transport. Our goods will be carefully packed, neatly arranged and then shipped
6. Contract payment
After checking and accepting, completing the contract, you will pay the remaining amount. Customer care department will ask for comments and answer your questions.

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