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The selection of quality and reputable regional customs declaration agency services has been and is the choice of many people.

Customs brokerage services for areas to meet customer needs optimally

Customs procedures for each import or export have unique characteristics and may not be the same in all countries. For a shipment, if the making of documents is not careful, inaccurate as well as there are errors in the declaration stage, the goods will be delivered at the port to be delayed, even delayed, causing arising. large costs also slow down the entire production line of a plant, or the distribution system of a corporation.

Therefore, accurate, fast, and effective customs clearance is of utmost importance in the production and circulation of goods. Understanding the difficulties and importance of customs declaration as mentioned above, our Customs company provides customs declaration agency services in all regions. and guide the training of experienced and enthusiastic customs brokers to handle professional customs clearance for customers.

When you come to us, customers will be consulted about the fastest, most guaranteed cargo clearance solutions, strictly comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law as well as international conventions. We have a deep understanding of the regulations and policies of the local government and to ensure the smooth flow of goods through the border and the delivery deadline is met on time.

With us, your goods will be cleared smoothly and safely with the right solutions while fully complying with the current laws of Vietnam as well as the above international conventions. the basis of deep understanding of state regulations and policies.

Customs brokerage services for areas to meet customer needs optimally

Customs declaration agency services specialized in providing areas:

- Customs services at ports and airports

- Customs services in export processing zones and industrial zones

- Foreign investment customs services

- Customs services for goods temporarily imported, re-exported, re-exported / temporarily imported

- C / O service (certificate of origin)

The benefits you get when using the customs declaration agent service of the regions:

  • Safe

With a team of experienced staff working in the field of transport and insurance, your goods will be packed, stored, loaded and anchored according to international standards, then transported to the destination by the system. Modern and professional transportation system to ensure the goods are safe at destination.

  • Progressing well

We have established close relationships with the Department of Transport of most of the provinces in Vietnam. Thanks to this good relationship, all our transportation activities will be carried out efficiently, smoothly and accurately.

  • On schedule

We undertake that customers' goods will be transported and delivered at the right time and place without any questions related to state regulations. At the same time, with an extensive network of agents, we can provide the best services at the best cost for whatever logistics solution you want.

  • Less risk

We provide customers with completely free risk consultation, marine insurance, cargo insurance and claims claims. Professional consultants will assist you with methods to minimize this risk during transportation and storage as well as legal assistance to protect the best interests of customers.

Head office address: No. 1A, Group 10, Quarter 5, An Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province.
Transaction office 1: Nhon Trach 6 Industrial Park, Dong Nai Province.
Transaction office 2: Loc An Branch - Lot E, Road N1, Loc An Industrial Park - Binh Son, Long Thanh, Dong Nai Province.
Phone number: 0251 887 1409
Email: info@thongquan.com.vn

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